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Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment


Inside The Filtercon
Patented Hydromagnetic Technology

Automated Backrinse Control
Totally computerized automated
Performance control valve

Stage One
Up to 2.5 cubic feet (69 lbs)
Of high grade granular carbon

Hydromagnetic Module
Module conditions the water
Non-chemically by restructuring and
Realing the polarity of the mineral
Molecules without removing those
Healthy minerals from the water.

Stage Two
Up to 20 lbs of Quartz
(Nature's own filtration system)

Stage Three
K.D.F. 55 Medium consisting of
High purity copper-zine granules

Solid Construction
The beautiful outer tank is made of polished stainless steel.
The inner tank consists of a heavy blow-molded plastic cylinder encased within a fiberglass filament tank. This durable and attractive system may be installed indoors or out(climate permitting).

The main tank contains two different filter media. The upper filter is a copper/zine alloy called KDF and should be replaced every 800,000 gallons.

The lower filter is medial grade activated carbon and has an extrended life because of KDF pretreatment.

Mineral Tank Size: 10" x 54"
Flow Rates: 10(gpm)
Pipe Size 3/4" or 1"
Floor Space: (D x H) 12" x 62" Approx.
Shipping Weight: 130 lbs
1.5Cu. Ft
Built in Bypass
69 lbs GAC
20 lbs GAC
10 lbs KDE55
Standard Size
Hydromagnetic Module

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